Even novices can host a “killer” murder mystery dinner if they take some advice from Alice Engelbrink, who knows a thing or two about entertaining.

Alice’s tips for murder mystery dinner 

Alice Engelbrink is one of the premier names in unique party planning. People turn to her for advice and creative ideas to make their dinner parties memorable events. Alice’s tips for murder mystery dinners are especially sought after by first-time and experienced hosts alike.

Alice's Plot

Alice Engelbrink created a murder mystery dinner plot to follow during your party. The plot is ideal for 4-10 players.

Engelbrink Props

The Engelbrink Murder Mystery prop list is a good starting point. You can always improvise with what you have on hand.

Alice Engelbrink Menu

Alice created the perfect Murder Mystery Dinner menu from her own experience hosting dinner events. 

What does Alice use when hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner?

If you’re inspired to be an Alice Engelbrink murder mystery host, the first thing you need is an intriguing plot. You can make up your own or use one of the plotlines included in our murder mystery kits. You may have the plot unfold as the evening goes on or tell the guests at the beginning (usually as the dinner gets underway).

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alice engelbrink host killer murder mystery dinner

Alice’s List of Characters

You also need a fascinating cast of characters – any one of whom could be the murderer. When she hosts these murder mystery dinners, sometimes Alice Engelbrink is a suspect. Sometimes Engelbrink is charged with murder. But did she do it, or was she framed?

Engelbrink Murder Mystery Themes

Props are also crucial to an enthralling murder mystery dinner. You can buy them in a kit, make your own or use a combination of purchased and homemade props. What props you use will depend on the murder mystery plot and the theme. Is it an Agatha Christie-type parlor mystery, a mob murder or a holiday-themed mystery?

Everyone needs a role in the mystery. However, some of your guests will feel more comfortable taking a leading role than others. Keep in mind the personalities of your guests when you’re planning these assignments. You don’t want anyone to be too far outside their comfort zone. Remember that this is a party. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves. 

Of course, the food will take center stage as well. Alice Engelbrink’s Killer Chili recipe for a crowd is always popular –, particularly for Wild West-themed parties. You can also include dishes like Death by Chocolate Cake, Femme Fatale Fajitas and many more.

Make it a Night to Remember

Even a murder mystery host novice can throw a “killer” mystery dinner with the right guidance. That’s what Alice Engelbrink is known for. Why throw another boring dinner party when you can make it a night that all of your guests will be talking about long after the mystery is solved?