Props for DIY Murder Mystery Dinner by Alice Engelbrink

Make your murder mystery dinner a suspense-filled night to remember with Alice Engelbrink’s crime scene props. They lend realism to any murder mystery theme.

Alice Engelbrink crime scene props

If you’re hosting a murder mystery dinner, the right props can make all the difference. Once you’ve decided on the specific murder mystery theme, Alice Engelbrink’s crime scene props bring an air of reality to whatever kind of murder mystery you design.

Carry the Murder Mystery Through Your Entire Home with Alice Engelbrink’s Murder Mystery Dinner Props

Alice’s adult mystery party kits include: 

  • Footprint decals
  • Mug shot backdrops
  • Body silhouette
  • Sheet of fingerprints to place throughout the scene
  • White makeup if you have someone playing the murder victim

And much more!

Engelbrink DIY Kit at Home Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery Dinner instructions and DIY kit

Hosting a murder mystery at Alice Engelbrink’s house

With one of our DIY murder mystery kits, you’ll feel like you’re hosting a murder mystery at Alice Engelbrink’s house. That’s how complete they are.

Alice incorporates clues into the dinner as well 

If you’re beginning the evening with a dinner, and the murder mystery breaks out there, you can incorporate some of your clues right on your dinner table. They might be under the guests’ dishes or somewhere in the centerpiece. Guest may be handed some clues to share with others.

Let the theme of your party determine your menu. Is it the Roaring Twenties, the Wild West, a British castle or modern day? The choices are limitless.

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner with Alice Engelbrink

Why Choose Alice Engelbrink Crime Scene Props?

Our props can be used for virtually any murder mystery theme you choose. Whether you want a CSI level of sophistication or you’re using old-fashioned 1940s film noir crime-solving techniques, our props help get your guests into the mystery and make it a night they’ll remember. Many can be used over and over. You may want to use some of them to decorate your home for Halloween.

You may decide to make this a one-time event to take a break from the usual bland dinner parties or you may become the one known in your circle for your murder mystery parties! Either way, you can always count on Alice Engelbrink’s murder mystery dinner props to help make your event special.